Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Dead Room by Robert Ellis

A young woman is found, brutally murdered and left on
gruesome display in the "safety" of her own home. The atrocity kicks off
an investigation into a bizarre string of increasingly disturbing
murders, all believed to be perpetrated by someone of unprecedented
savagery and cunning. As the city's panic rises, civil attorney Teddy Mack is thrown headlong
into the grisly homicide case--and into a world of dirty politics and
corrupt justice, where deceptions are as deadly as the killer's twisted
secrets. Now, another woman is about to meet the same horrific fate as
the others. To end a madman's reign, Teddy must enter his maze--a place
of unimaginable terror and shocking revelations.

With his second thriller, L.A. TIMES bestselling author, Robert Ellis, delivers an
explosive read with full-blown characters caught in a world stacked with
twists and turns and an emotional intensity that burns white-hot.

THE DEAD ROOM serves as the introduction to CITY OF FIRE, and remains a truly one of a kind find.
Free on Amazon Kindle 06/08/2013